“Nik Spatari: a dream in the making at the final frontier. This
park-museum-laboratory in the heart of Calabria is the work
in progress of a man and his companion, continually retouched by their
hand and never abandoned by their mind. Enormous figurative freedom,
but total structural control. This is one of those extremely rare cases where an
outsider pours the salt of architecture onto the land.”

Article by Bruno Zevi, published in “L’Architettura” magazine.

“A Foundation should have the function, irony apart, of imposing compulsory
presence on artists. In other words, it is not enough to promote exhibitions by
transporting paintings and sculptures from one place to another: this would be
a reductive function in light of the cultural vacuum existing in the south of the country.
If the artist is taken to the land instead, so that his or her work is created in the
geographical and cultural context where he or she lives, the work produced
will be much more profound and authentic."

Art critic Achille Bonito Oliva





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