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In 1969 the “Santa Barbara Museum” Association is founded and in 1986 the “Santa Barbara Art Foundation” is established with the name of MUSABA, an International non-profit organization, recognized by the president of the Regional Committee by decree n. 1519/86. The foundation’s purposes include creativity, education, administration, preservation, diffusion, and enhancement related to the artistic heritage, architecture, archaeological findings, landscaping, and botany of its unique location. In December 2013, it changes its name to “MUSABA – Fondazione Spatari/Maas ” or more briefly “MUSABA” and changes are made to the statute of the Foundation for the following main reasons: to strengthen the concrete possibilities of pursuit and realization of the purpose and objectives of the foundation, specifying better aim and purpose (D.P.G.R. Regione Calabria n.32 del 28/02/2014.). With atto di donazione n.1578 serie IT dell’11 giugno 2014, the couple Spatari/Maas make donation to MUSABA – Fondazione Spatari/Maas of all their movable and immovable property in the Museum Park: Foresteria Art Residence (22 beds, dining area, cloister with monumental mosaics of 1000 square meters in progress), the disused railway station Calabro-Lucana, the Wind Rose (new museum wing), land and olive groves, the monumental site-specific works of art, etc.