In 2004-2008, Spatari created the Foresteria (950 sq.m.), his masterpiece of architectural originality. Eleven “art cells” with a total of 22 beds and a functional dining area, for the museum’s various activities. Each cell is decorated with murals inspired by modern and contemporary art. The architecture of the complex is the expression of a series of buildings that evoke the spirit and the rules of monastic life. The work is simultaneously living contemporary architecture and gigantic sculpture. The Foresteria is a true work of art. Its purpose is to house international artists, students, professors and adults.
In progress a monumental mosaic that will be to the history of art in the world and throughout all times. All outside walls (1000 square meters) will be covered with a historical depiction of art, beginning in the year 4000 B.C. and wrapping around to the current modern art period. All of this will be done using primary and complementary colours and ceramic coloured tiles. The entire roof has been decorated with brilliant alternating colours.